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Non-accidental Trauma

Think about it… It takes a moment to register; at least it did for me.
Isn’t trauma, inherently, supposed to be accidental? So non-accidental trauma just didn’t make sense.
I’m on pediatrics right now. This is where I was introduced to the concept of non-accidental trauma.
“18 month old girl with traumatic brain injury, secondary to NAT (non-accidental trauma.”
“4 year old boy with multiple pelvic fractures, secondary to NAT.”

Sounds to me like a polite, politically correct term for Abuse.

Why try to make something sounds nicer than it is? There is nothing nice or “sugar coated” about abuse.
I look at these beautiful children and wonder how anyone could do this to them. I feel so sad and helpless. I can’t help but think that these poor babies are just at the beginning of the challenges in their lives. I want to cry for them.

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