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1 Year of WordPress Blogging!

One year ago today marks the beginning of my WordPress existence.  I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed!

I can almost remember the exact feelings I had when I decided to start this blog… The feeling of needing a place to say what I was feeling openly and without judgement, a feeling of loneliness and helplessness, just to name a few.  Today, I sometimes still have some of those feelings, but so much has changes for me because of this blog.  I opened up about the most difficult event in my life and I received so much support from the WordPress community, that I was motivated to deal with the emotional and psychological ramifications of that event.  I’ve started to learn abut shame and what it means in my life (sadly, that project has had to take a back burner to the other things going on in my life lately), and I’ve managed to “publicly” sort out my mentoring relationship with K.  With the support of all the wonderful people who read this blog, my life has changed dramatically in the last year.

When I started this blog, I would have never imagined that I would have over 800 followers a year later.  I have made some great “friends” on my blog and I have learned so much!  I know I haven’t been as active on my blog lately, but I’m hoping that will get better as I learn to balance my life better.  And, I believe NaBloPoMo is coming up in November, and I certainly have every intention of participating in that!

Thank-you to all my blogging friends and followers!  You have made this year fantastic!

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