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Iowa Bound!

Today I am leaving for a conference in Iowa.  I’ve never been to Iowa, so it will be a little exciting.  I don’t know much about Iowa, except that no one else knows much about Iowa either.  When people ask me where the conference is and I say “Iowa City,” they look at me with a slightly confused look on their face and reply, “what’s in Iowa City?”

I don’t know…  all I know is that I got funding to go to this conference.  Why they didn’t offer me funding to go to the conference in Hawaii in September, I don’t know.  Either way, free trip, time off from my peds rotation, and a break from family life (even though I am still sitting on my couch and I already miss my kids).

It will be fun!  (Expect for the fact that I don’t really get to “participate” in the hands o knot tying drills and laprascopic simulations because of my stupid wrist brace!  Oh well… Silver Linings, right?

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