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Silver Linings Wrist Brace

Wrist Brace

Remember how I mentioned a while ago that my wrist will ruin my life?  Well this think here is now my closest and most intimate “friend.”

Wear this brace all the time, as much as possible, even when you sleep.  I’ll see you again in 4 weeks.

So said the orthopedic surgeon…  I am grumpy about this – mostly because it immobilizes my thumb and what the heck can I do without my thumb?  I’d like to say that I’m relieved that I don’t need surgery (yet), but surgery would have meant a clear-cut problem that can be fixed.  Instead, I have to wait for 4 weeks, see if t gets better, then go to physio because I will have lost so much strength and range of motion, and it might not even be better.  I know… think positive…

So, I’ve decided to look at the bright side… The silver lining of my sliver brace (which I requested instead of the ugly beige colour):

1. Since I have to wear it all the time, I guess I can’t wash dishes…

2. Since I have to wear it all the time, I guess I can’t change poopy diapers…

3. I get to wear cool socks (with owls) on my arm underneath the brace to make it more comfortable.

4. …

That’s all I’ve got so far.  Hopefully more will come to me.  I’m only 2 days into my 4 week relationship with this splint.


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