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How My Wrist Will Ruin My Life

Did I mention before that my wrist has been bothering me?  I can’t remember anymore because there are so many things I want to blog about and not enough time to do it!  I with there was a “brain to blog” app or something… But that’s a different topic altogether.

Back to my wrist:  It started hurting sometime back in July.  Originally, I thought it was just a tendinitis or something so I ignored it.  Sadly, it just kept getting worse.  I can’t remember any injury and I’ve tried to isolate any kind of repetitive activity that I do that could aggravate it.  I can’t think of anything.  Over the past few months it has gotten worse and worse.  It hurts specifically in one spot on the palmar side of my wrist, right at the base of my thumb.   There is often a sharp, pinching pain that is unbearable with certain movement and activity – especially anything that involves deep flexion of my wrist.  In the past month I have begun to notice more diffuse pain throughout the whole joint as well as stiffness and decreased range of motion.  I’ve tried NSAIDs with little success.  I’ve tried wearing a brace to give it some rest, again with little success.

My Wrist MRI
My Wrist MRI

So then I used my connections and tracked down a rheumatologist that I know and asked her if she’d see me about this problem.  Needless to say, she got in me pretty quick (saved myself a 6-9 month wait) and we ordered some tests.  I know the x-rays came back normal because I looked them up myself.  I am waiting to access my blood work for all kinds of inflammatory markers as well as autoimmune factors, and just last night I went for an MRI (again, saved myself a 3-6 month wait).  I wish I knew anything about reading MRIs because now I have to wait 7 days for the report to come through.  I can’t decide what I’m more worried about: them finding nothing or them finding something.  Nothing means there is no great solution to the problem.  Something most likely means some kind of rheumatological process (rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, etc) or something that will require surgery.  All in all, not great.

So, how is this going to ruin my life?

Well, its my right wrist and I’m right handed.

Have you ever tried to check a woman’s cervix with a sore and painful wrist?  How about stitch up a torn vagina and perineum?  Or maybe manually remove a placenta from a uterus in the middle of a c-section?  These are all things that I’ve done in the last few weeks and they have all caused immense pain in my wrist.  Sure, I was able to push through the pain for these activities now, but what happens when I have to do these things all day every day… and I have to be the go-to person for these activities?  What if it gets worse?  Perhaps all my worrying about whether an O&G residency program is going to ruin my family life has been for nothing because it will be my wrist that prevents me from doing it anyway.

I know I am probably getting way ahead of myself here, but it is just so frustrating, worrisome, and upsetting.  Especially when I can’t even think of a cause for the pain in the first place.  So now I wait for the results of this MRI and hope that whatever the problem is, it is something that can be remediated without too much disruption to the master plan of my life.


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