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3-year-old Empathy

I was sitting at the bottom of the stairs trying to not let me mood ruin the evening.  My husband was about to take the boys for a walk and I wasn’t in the mood to go.  Moments earlier, we fought a little fight and his words won out.

A. was getting ready for the walk and putting on his shoes at the door when he looked at me: “what’s the matter Mommy?”

“Nothing, Honey.  I’m just feeling a little sad right now.”

He stopped what he was doing and looked at me with his head tilted a little to the side.  “Mommy, can I cuddle with you for a little bit?”

“Sure, Honey.”

We laid down on the lading of the steps and he put his tiny little arms around my neck, resting his head on my chest.  I could feel his little hand patting my side, where it rested.  “It’s okay Mommy.  Everything will be okay.”

He repeated this over and over again, almost at a whisper.  I couldn’t help but start to cry and I wrapped my arms around him tighter.  My body shook as I sobbed into the arms of my 3-year-old.  He sat up and looked at me: “what’s so funny Mommy?”

“Nothing’s funny, Honey.”  Secretly, I was relieved that he thought my crying was actually laughing.

“Okay.  I’m gonna go outside and play now.  I’m glad you’re feeling better.”

It was enough to make me put on my shoes and join my family for a walk.

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