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Real Babies Move Around


I’m learning how to do fetal ultrasound today! Scanning a tiny baby inside a mom’s belly is way, WAY harder than it looks!

As if learning how to do ultrasound on its own isn’t difficult enough, try learning on a baby… who doesn’t stop moving!

Real babies move around… A lot! Just when you think you’ve got a handle on one view, you take two seconds to think and BAM! The baby has gone and moved! If only they all stayed as still as this little fetus doll!

4 thoughts on “Real Babies Move Around

  1. When we went in for our ultrasounds, the little prince behaved and stayed still… I think he liked the idea of being on TV. However, when we were doing our monthly check-ups with the midwife, she had the hardest time tracking down the heart beat… and every time she found it, he would move so we’d only get a single woosh-woosh, before it would be gone again. I understand though… where’s the fun in only being heard… everyone wants to be seen.


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