Emotional Baggage

My Greatest Fear

Some people have difficulty telling the difference between something great and something they’ve simply heard of.

~Sayuri, Memoirs of a Geisha

One day the people around me will realize that I am not the person they thought I was.

This is my confession.

I feel like an impostor.

I am leading people on and soon they will see the truth.

I am motivated for all the wrong reasons and one day it will ruin me.

I am not great.

I  try to be great and I fall just a little short.

One day I will just be “something they’ve simply heard of.”

This is my greatest fear.


*Note: After publishing this entry, I went back to a previous post of mine that I linked to above: It is about why Memoirs of a Geisha is my favorite book. I think if I had read that post before I wrote this post, it may not have been published.  The book is so much about personal struggle, and that’s where I am now.  That’s where I am everyday.  But it has to be worth something, right? Maybe that’s why the book ends the way it does.  Maybe that’s why I am currently reading it again.

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