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Back to Work

I am back to work today after a pretty awesome week of vacation.  I can’t even begin to describe all the awesome parts of my vacation but the best part was probably my night away to the mountains with my husband (no kids) and an amazing 12Km hike up to the top of a mountain before returning home to our children. 

I also met my goal of running at least every second day (well, I kind of cheated because one day I was due for a run, I did the hike and the next day I ran).  I also got my distance up to 6.25K, .25 past my goal (and I kept up my pace).  It was great!  I also started the 30 day ab challenge and I’m beginning to realize that my poor abs have not fully recovered from ym not-so-recent child-bearing days. 

As with any vacation, (especially those where you live in your mother’s house for the whole trip), there was also a lot of stress and drama.  Thankfully, the stress was a different kind of stress and I was happy to deal with that kind of stress than work stress.  However, I knew the stress was extreme because my hands broke out in this gross type of vesicular eczema (dyshidrotic eczema) that I’ve only had twice before in my life… both times when I was pregnant – I don’t know if it was residual; from wrok stress or if it was an instant reaction to vacation stress.  As I started the vacation, I realized that part of my stress and mini-depression and hatred for my current life situation before leaving for my vacation had almost everything to do with working on internal medicine.  My body and my mind is so, so receptive to what is going on in my surroundings and it was clear to me that the internal medicine environment was sucking the life out of me.

I wish I had more time to blog while I was on vacation… I had many possible blog posts I could have written, with such titles as:

“My mother can’t handle my kids”

“Apparently I can’t parent…”

“Here comes the Eczema”

“Good think my kids go to daycare”

“As long as I run, I can eat whatever I want”

and, “So this is what life was like before I had kids”

Maybe sometime if I have some spare time (not likely) I can enlighten you with some of these posts.  In the meantime, i should get back to work and finsih up my last 3 days (2 or them are call shifts) of internal medicine.  Hopefully my positivity and excitement from my vacation will persist through the rest of the week!  Hopefully I will also be back to a more regular blogging schedule again too!


4 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. I want to read those possible future blogs. Good to hear there’s not much longer with the dreaded Internal medicine, I hope the time flies by and you keep feeling positive.


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