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50% is Bad Odds

There is nothing too great about 50/50 odds.  I guess it’s better than something being less likely, if you really want it to turn out in your favor.  However,  the fact that you have just as much chance of having the thing you don’t want as having the thing you do want seems a little bit difficult to accept.

I’ve been thinking a lot again about baby #3 and I feel like my 50% chance of a baby girl is really a 0% chance. With both boys, I knew I was having a boy right from the get go.  It just feels natural that I would have a boy again.  I only had sisters.  My husband only has a brother.  We are destined to create a uni-gender sib-ship.

Not that there is anything wrong with having another boy, but I need some estrogen… I need some balance.  I really, really do not need another penis (and all that energy that also comes with the Y chromosome) in my house.  It may sound bad, but if I knew, 100%, that I would have another boy, I might be less inclined to have a 3rd baby.

I guess it’s the 50% chance that it won’t be a boy that it enticing me.  But with my luck, the coin with flip in the opposite direction once it is all said and done.

How often has a 50% chance worked out in your favour?

2 thoughts on “50% is Bad Odds

  1. That’s tough. I wonder what the statistics are when it comes to the third child when you’ve had 2 of one gender? Does that affect it in anyway? LOL Sorry, I’m ignorant to things like this.

    & unfortunately I can’t remember a 50/50 outcome. I put in a job app and had a 50/50 chance to be called and so far no go. So, I guess that’s not working into my favor. =/


  2. I had two boys and one girl, and really wanted my fourth to be another girl, mainly because I hoped she and her sister would have the wonderful relationship I had with my sister. I got my girl, which was wonderful, but your situation is different.
    I’ve known of a few theories that improve your chances of getting one sex over the other, using a variety of tools from diet to timing of intercourse and all the way to douching, but I’m out of touch with them all now. However, about thirty years ago, my brother and his wife had two boys and desperately wanted a girl for #3. I can’t remember which system they used, but they did get their girl. Maybe you should investigate something like that.
    Good luck.


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