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Vacation Goals

I am officially on vacation! We drove back to our home town yesterday and spent a wonderful day with the kids. The least wonderful part of the day was the obligatory dinner at my mother-in-law’s house (where I got to meet her new boyfriend). It wasn’t that bad, though. And, the best part is that I got it out of the way early on into the trip!

I’ve been feeling a little bad lately about not exercising as much as I’d like to, and gaining a little weight as a result. For this reason, I’ve set a few goals for my vacation. They are actually pretty easy goals, I think…
1. I’m going to run at least every second day. I went running last night, and I was going to go today, but it was raining when we got home from dinner, so I will absolutely be going tomorrow.
2. I am going to reach a goal of 6K by the end of the trip. I’m going to attempt to do this without slowing down my average pace too much, if at all. I usually run 5K, but the last two runs were 5.4K and 5.3K. My current pace is about 5’32″/km.
I think these are reasonable goals, and since I enjoy running, they shouldn’t make my vacation too onerous!

2 thoughts on “Vacation Goals

    1. Thanks! I actually achieved both of them today! Guess I’ll just have to Mae sure I maintain the distance and pace each time now!


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