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30 Resolutions for 30

  1. I will be less judgemental
  2. I will enjoy my children’s laughter more
  3. I will approach people with a more open mind
  4. I will recognize that people may be trying to change.  I should not hold their faults against them.
  5. I will give myself the credit I deserve
  6. I will take a deep breath (or two, or three) when I feel myself getting irritated over something small or insignificant
  7. I will be more affectionate to my husband
  8. I will focus on at least one positive aspect of myself (or my life) every day
  9. I will be more patient with the people I love, especially my children.
  10. I will study harder
  11. I will work hard to satisfy myself and instead of other people
  12. I will stop comparing myself to other people
  13. I will try harder to recognize the unique accomplishments of the people around me
  14. I will stop holding onto the guilt of decisions I’ve made in the past
  15. I will be more aware of the hard work of others
  16. I will stop trying to impress other people
  17. I will try to be motivated more by the appropriate reasons
  18. I will try to understand where I fit into the “bigger picture”
  19. I will focus more on the present and stop living in the future
  20. I will be more honest with myself
  21. I will be more honest with the people that I love
  22. I will allow myself to be vulnerable
  23. I will take the time necessary to show empathy when it is needed
  24. I will look for the learning opportunity in the activities I don’t want to do
  25. I will try to keep my house tidier
  26. I will let my children explore their interests without limitation (society and gender norms)
  27. I will enjoy the small daily accomplishments in my life
  28. I will give myself permission to take breaks
  29. I will make decisions based on whats best for me and my family, not what other people want from me
  30. I will be more thankful for everything I have in my life

2 thoughts on “30 Resolutions for 30

  1. I like this! I’m going to be 29 in a couple months and I’ve so been thinking a lot about how I can improve myself and my life and be a better person. So good for you for being proactive and writing it down in “stone.”


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