Running at Dusk

Being a Med student, working all day, and having two young kids means I rarely have time for myself.  That includes time for exercise.  Since I’ve stopped breastfeeding, I’ve been trying so hard to not gain back all the pregnancy weight (and more) that I’ve lost.  I’m hovering around 5-8 pounds more than I was at my lowest, and I guess I have to be okay with that.


While I find it difficult to reign in my appetite and say “no” to so many of the tasty things I come across in a day, I think the hardest challenge I face is not having time to exercise.  Finding such time usually means sacrificing time for something else: studying, sleeping, or kid time.  The summer is the easiest time to get exercise because the sun is out later and I can usually sneak in an outdoor run right after A gets into bed.  Sadly, the days are starting to get shorter and every night it gets harder to get that run in before it gets too dark (it doesn’t help that A is starting to stay up later, too).


I almost didn’t go running last night because I was post call, I was tired, and I just wanted to relax.  But, I also felt bloated, I hate more than a huge handful of chocolate almonds as part of my dinner, we ordered Indian food on call the night before, and then there was the whole “birthday indiscretions.”  So I went for a run.  With my later start time and the earlier setting sun, it turned out to be a beautiful run.  Not only was it beautiful, but I ran farther (5.4km vs. only 5km) and faster (averaged 5:30/km) than I have ever run this summer.  It was a fantastic feeling!

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