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Reactive State of Mind

When we are in a reactive state of mind, when an opportunity knocks. We are usually too overwhelmed or frustrated to see it. If we do see it, we’re usually overly critical and negative

It’s been a while since I’ve referred back to my Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff calendar. This is one of the older quotes that I kept because I felt it described my occasional state of mind. This reactive state of mind is where I spend too much of my time. I am always on the defense. I am always feeling threatened. My first response is to be negative, to complain, to just be grumpy.
I need to focus in the idea of changing the way I think, especially tomorrow. I don’t want to celebrate my 30th birthday feeling down, sad, and miserable… Much like I did today.
It’s mostly in my head. I’ve got to clear it out.

3 thoughts on “Reactive State of Mind

  1. One method I use to help improve my mood is to change the self-talk into positive messages. If I think, I’m depressed, I consciously make the decision to change that thought to, I will feel better soon. Then I keep repeating it. It’s true, because healthy people do have ups and downs, but when you change the self talk, the brain wants to help make it a reality, so you do feel better sooner.

    Good luck and have a fabulous birthday. Your thirties are going to rock – wonderful children, the possibility of a new baby, becoming fully qualified. There’s much to look forward to. Indulge yourself any way you can tomorrow, nobody knows how to do that as well as you do.


  2. Here in Holland you’re already 30 🙂 so.. Happy Birthday CG!!

    I know it’s a little stupid that I send this to each person I know but I always end up with this song

    Hope you have a wonderful day!!!


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