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Let the Birthday Week Begin

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always celebrated my “birthday week.” We don’t really do anything special except to reflect on the fact that another year has passed and a new one is starting. I guess the “birthday week” officially started over the weekend and I did my best to ring it in with excitement. As I mentioned previously, I’m not too thrilled about turning the big 3-0, but there’s nothing I can do to stop time, so I might as well embrace it and make the best of it! So here it goes:


I started the weekend off getting some much needed sleep after a long and gruelling call shift in internal medicine. That’s okay though, because it was raining for most of Saturday. We then took the boys to their favorite park once the weather cleared up. Despite the fact that there are 3 parks in one, they basically spent most of the night playing with this old bike rack. Oh well, it certainly was cute! It is so wonderful to finally see these boys enjoying each other’s company and playing with each other all the time. A certainly loves being a big brother and he will do anything to entertain E. E is so receptive to his brother, he loves being entertained by him and he is finally starting to learn how to play appropriately with him. Watching these two little men is so rewarding.


Tonight we went on a long family walk by the river valley. There is nothing more satisfying than enjoying my family as well as the fresh air, the scenery, and all while getting a little exercise. It’s been a very long time since we’ve been on such a long walk where we weren’t interrupted by a pooping accident, or a crying tantrum, or the need to stop and play at a park. A was perfectly excited to ride his bike for as long as possible and E just enjoyed his ride in the stroller. Watching my boys as they walked ahead of me and admired the river reminded me again of the wonderful life I live (despite how much I complain about it).


After our beautiful evening and getting the kids in bed, I got to work at finishing my little project of the day: Mini Oreo Cheesecakes. Yum. I figure there is no better way to start the birthday week off than with a little of my favorite dessert on the planet! These little babies are really super easy to make (I followed this recipe) and they taste delectable! Ending this weekend with my feet up and enjoying some home-made cheesecake and a glass of wine was the perfect way to end the weekend of kick off my birthday week.
Now, I know that this birthday week will be fantastic, especially here in the blogging world. Since I knew I would be a little down about entering a new decade, I asked a few of my good blogging pals to help me celebrate the week with me. For the rest of the week I’ll be featuring some wonderful guest bloggers who have made a little bit of time in their busy lives to help celebrate this little Giraffe! So, make sure you come back every day this week to see what these awesome bloggers have in store for the Cranky Giraffe’s 30th birthday week!

3 thoughts on “Let the Birthday Week Begin

  1. Happy Birthday Week!
    I do the same thing. It’s a week when I allow myself to unabashedly like myself. Then I go back to my regularly scheduled lack of self-esteem.


  2. Cranky Giraffe,
    Happy Birthday. You are much younger than I thought. Maybe it’s because your writing is so thoughtful, I thought you were much more aged. You already have 2 kids too. One of my greatest source of anxiety is being an old mom.. I really wanted to finish reproducing before age 30 especially because they teach us so many scary facts about advanced maternal age.. sorry to go on a tangent. I just wanted to say that if I could be in your place when I am 30 I would be super happy with myself. You also bake beautiful sweets and manage to keep a blog. You just seem to accomplish so much! Besides, 30 is just a number, we don’t get older in quantum intervals.. we are approaching 30 every second of the day. Anyways, I hope you enjoy your birthday week.


  3. 30 sounds so young to me — at 50-plus, I still forget how old I am! All my adult life, I’ve been blessed with older friends whose excitement in life taught me to forget years but count people and experiences. Seems to me, you’re doing the same. Besides, we create other birthday events (salvation, sobriety, happy marriages, emotional rebirth, new careers) as we embrace our lives. Happy Birthday!


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