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Countdown to Nothing Special

In one week it is my birthday.  I’ve come to seriously dislike my birthday.  For most of the first half of the year, I look forward to my birthday because I see everyone around me celebrating their birthdays and they are so happy.  I think, maybe this year, my birthday will be different.  Maybe it will be fun to celebrate.

But then it gets close, like a week away, and I start to dread it.  Maybe I have unreasonable expectations, I don’t know.  But I do know that once my birthday comes along, I just feel let down.

Most people forget about my birthday (except on facebook, where everyone is reminded and gives you the obligatory “Happy Birthday” wall post).  I think that’s the problem with having a summer birthday.

Then, I know my husband hates celebrating any occasion (I’m sure if you look back you will see me complain about my husband on Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, and our Anniversary) and my birthday is no different.  Maybe I need to change the way I see things, but I am pretty convinced that he does things on my birthday because he HAS TO  and not because he wants to celebrate me. Just the other day I asked him if I should book a babysitter for my birthday, and he replied with this disgruntled look like, ugh… do we have to go out and said “what if I just wanted to stay home and cook a lovely meal for my wife?” (you mean with our two crazy clingy kids running around all day you want to sit at home and cook me gourmet hotdogs and mac’n cheese?)

Oh, and I guess I should mention that this birthday is even less to look forward to because, well, it marks the beginning of a new decade in my life… Carrie Bradshaw and the gang decided that 50 is the new 40, so I guess that means, but default that 40 is the new 30, and … 30 is the new 20…?  Well, lets hope so, for my sake.  I mean, wouldn’t it be depressing to be 30 and still in school (still being the operative word there… not back in school.  STILL in school)

Oh well.  Here’s to the last week of my 20’s and 7 days of looking forward to disappointment.  Then on July 21 I can get back to developing the illusion that next year, my birthday will be something worth celebrating.

5 thoughts on “Countdown to Nothing Special

  1. I hope u have a wonderful birthday this year 🙂 life is short so go ahead celebrate and do whatever makes u happy..


  2. My birthday is coming in twelve days! I might be a teen but I still know how you feel. Birthdays seem like such obligations. But I still hope you have a great birthday! And don’t worry, my wish to you is not obligatory; it’s heartfelt!


  3. I agree with you, I hate my birthday not just because I hate getting older and feeling like I’ve not made enough progress, but because I always feel let down. Birthdays are so hyped up and people act like it is supposed to be this magical day you get once a year where you are treated like a princess for a day. But the truth is a bday is never a top priority for someone unless it is their own — otherwise it is just another day. So I agree with the other comments – celebrate you, do what you want, treat yourself, so that no matter what you enjoy the day and make it special!


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