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ACOG, I Love You

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting fairly sick of all the drama surrounding women’s rights that has been going on the American congress right now. What happens in ANYONE’s body is really only their’s and their doctor’s business. I have my own personal opinions on many issues in medicine, and the fact is that most people, including my future patients, will never know what those opinions are. If you want to smoke, smoke. If you want to circumcise your son, circumcise your son. If you want to discontinue life support, discontinue life support. If you want an abortion, you should be able to have one. Simple as that. I will never pretend to know why a patient makes the decisions that they make because I AM NOT THEM. The best I can do is support them and provided them with real and accurate information. That is my job.

Politicians, your job is politics. Not health care. Get back to work on the things you are trained (or maybe not so trained) to do. In that endeavour, please read this AWESOME ad from AGOC:


You may not think that access to abortion is a right, but freedom of choice certainly is… And, having the choice do choose a medical intervention when you need it, that is a right.

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