Emotional Baggage · Relationships

Two Women

There were two women at the park that day.

I love them both, but in different ways.

One was there with me and the other only saw me later.

I think about one all the time, and the other, well I think about her too.

One has made me who I am today and the other is helping me to change.

One has made me insecure, inadequate, and insignificant.

The other has made me strong and confident.

I walked away from one to go to the other: Away from my past and towards my future.

One watched as I walked away and the other watched as I approached.

One gives me everything that the other has neglected.

Neither of them really know.

One of them is everything to me and the other is just there.

The future felt good but the past was there to pull me back.

I left one standing there and went home with the other.

I wish it was my past that I left behing in the park that day.

But, I took my mother home as K watched me drive away.

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