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Wishing on a Chance

I went out for an impromptu vietnamese food date with my husband this week.  The food was delicious, the company was fantastic, but I almost feel like the best part of the meal was the fortune cookie.  I love fortune cookies because I think they’re tasty, but mostly because I ejnoy getting the fortunes.  This has to be one of the best fortunes I’ve gotten in a long time:

Best FortuneI think I like it so much because it is more of an instruction than a fortune.  It’s kind of bossing me to do something, and not just anything, but to do the things that I am most hesitant to do.  And, it’s not just telling me what to do, it’s telling me that I will do it… maybe that’s the “fortune” part of it.

The best part of this fortune, however, is that I’ll be taking chances and I’ll be happy about it.  I’d like to think that means I’ll be making good decisions and reaping good benefits.  That idea really boosts my confidence, because I usually avoid taking chances for the fear of things not going the way I want.  I know that’s a bad attitude to have, but it’s a true one for me (never try, never fail…).  The truth is, the fear of failing makes it difficult for me to take the chances that I really should take.

This was a good time for me to find this fortune in my cookie.  I need to gain some confidence right now.  I need to do the things that I am always afraid to do.  I need to learn that good things will never happen unless I make them happen.  I need to realize that it’s okay if I fail every once in a while:  I’ll learn from that too, and for that, I’ll be glad.

So, I may have cracked open a cheap cookie and found a small piece of paper with a randome phrase on it.  It may just be what you do for fun after eating asian food.  But this time, I took it to heart.  I needed to take it to heart.

2 thoughts on “Wishing on a Chance

  1. Thanks for listing my Modern Philosopher Phortune Cookie post at the end of your article. May the blog gods bring you great fortune… 😉


  2. Fortune cookies are great because they generally say something positive. I got one before my Step that said you will achieve great things and that night, I dreamed that I got a 260 on my test. This is highly unlikely but I was surprised at the my brain’s audacity to dream such positive thoughts! I really understand when you say that it’s easier not to take chances for fear of failure. I live in fear of failing.. fear of saying something stupid in front of people. My hope is that my baby becomes something totally opposite, a hopeless optimist who doesn’t even realize the direness of situations. If only we can choose which traits our babies can inherit… It sounds like your fortune cookie is right, you took a chance with telling KM and it sounds like it went well 🙂


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