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Huh? Late? Uh-Oh? Hmm…

I’ve been feeling crappy for about a week now: tired, grumpy, emotional, bloated, IBS acting up…  I’ve also been working really hard for the last 6 weeks… Coincidence?

It’s been about 4 weeks since E. weaned himself from breastfeeding.  Since then my annoying bi-weekly “spotting” has completely stopped… But today I realized that it’s been a long time since I’ve seen any kind of anything come from “down there.” Huh.

A little while ago I installed a period tracking app on my phone so that I could keep track of all my ridiculous spotting and see if there was any kind of pattern.  It seemed I was at least having some kind of pattern that resembled a period.  Today I opened up the app to see when the last time I recorded anything was.  It told me that I am 16 days late.  LATE.  

I’ve never been late in my life (well, except when I was pregnant, but I was hoping for that).

I rushed to DH: “Do you still feel my IUD strings when we have sex?”

“Um, yes.  They sure like to poke me in the urethra whenever they get the chance.”

“No, seriously, did you feel them last time?”

“Um, I don’t know, I can’t remember.  You know, there is only one way to figure it out…” (Men…)

So I squatted and reached up high and felt for them myself.  Nope.  Not there.  They sure as hell were there last time I checked… When was that again?  Uh-Oh.

I opened the drawer in my bathroom where I put the fre box of pregnancy tests that I got at the last conference I went to.  Hmm…

Nope.  Not happening.  Sorry.

I closed the drawer.

Fact: The failure rate of a Mirena IUD is 1/1000 per year.

Fact: Some women completely stop getting their periods while using Mirena.

Fact: IUD strings can disappear for a number of reasons: They could curl up and get caught in your cervix, they can break off, the IUD could twist, the IUD could have perforated the uterus, or the IUD could have fallen out.

Fact: I haven’t had a “real” period since before my 2 pregnancies and 29 combined months of breastfeeding (yes, it has really been almost 4 years).  Maybe this is just an adjustment period.

Reality:  Someone has to be that 1 person out of 1000…




5 thoughts on “Huh? Late? Uh-Oh? Hmm…

  1. “…there’s only one way to figure it out.” … So I squatted and reached up high. … cracked me up.

    My body went through all kinds of crap like this after my pregnancies and breastfeeding. I figure you’re adjusting, but what do I know? You’re the doctor. 😉


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