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Anonymous Kindness

I was thinking about this post today and I had to go back and read it. Its an old post from the very beginning of my blogging existence, so I’m sure most of you havn’t read it.
I’ll post more later on why its been on my mind

The Cranky Giraffe

As promised, today’s post is about kindness… Random acts of kindness.

I find that we’ve all gotten too far away from the positive acts of humanity: The things we do to show someone that we appreciate them, that we are thinking about them, that they are important to us, or “just because.”  Similarly, when we do anything like this for someone, instead of getting a simple “thank-you,” we get “oh, you didn’t have to do that!” or “I can’t let you do that!” or “I’d really appreciate if you didn’t!”

Why are we like this?

We all LOVE when someone thinks of us, shows us appreciation, or recognizes our efforts.  Why is it, then, that we act like we don’t deserve their kindness? Or worse, we come off as unappreciative or insulted…  I venture to guess that these acts of kindness make us feel uncomfortable and insecure about ourselves because…

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