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Uterus + Cake

20130616-224631.jpgToday I made my first ever “for profit” cake.  In fact, I also made my first ever “Uterus Cake.” I wasn’t actually intending to make a profit off of this cake; however, the person who asked me to make it insisted on paying me for it and would not take back any one of the 5 $20 bills she gave me in exchange for the cake.

It all started on one of my call shifts last week when a resident was talking about how she wanted to get a cake for one of the other residents for her last ever call shift of her residency.  She asked me where I thought she could get a good cake.  I replied by telling her that I didn’t know because I always bake my own cakes.  I then offered to make one for her and said I could decorate it any way she wanted.  She agreed, only if she could pay me, and she requested that it be obs/gyne themed and not “gross.”

Well, some of you might think that a uterus on a cake is gross, but I actually think it is pretty awesome.  I have to say, I am very proud of my cake and there is very little I would change about it!  Lucky for me, I am also on call the night of this “last call shift” so I will get to see the resident’s reaction to her cake, as well as participate in any of the pranks that might ensue over the course of the night!

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