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The 28th Hour

I was tired.

If my scrub pants weren’t splashed with amniotic fluid, I would have considered wearing them home.  It would’ve saved me 5 minutes to not have to change.

I went back to my call room to get my stuff.  It was all still packed in my bag, which was neatly placed atop of a clean, made bed.  I guess the housekeeping staff had one less bed to clean.

I helped deliver 5 babies who all now share a birthday with my oldest son (plus 4 babies in the part of my shift before midnight).  I went home and slept through my son’s “official” 3rd birthday.  Good thing he won’t remember.

I made made mistakes, I asked questions, I drank 3 coffees, I learned so much, and I aced a single hand tie while wearing sticky, bloody gloves.

I did rounds, I wrote orders, I admitted patients, I assisted c-sections, I checked cervixes, I delivered placentas, I stitched torn vaginas, I congratulated parents, and I held brand new babies for the first time ever in their lives.

After 28 hours, I finally went home to sleep.

I’m tired.

I guess I should get used to it because this will soon be my life.

I’m tired but it was amazing.  I love it.

And, I’ll do it all again tomorrow.

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