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Would a Rose, By Any Other Name…

Today’s daily prompt is to talk about your name.  I would love to talk about my name, but how do I do that when I have an anonymous blog?  I can assure you that my name is not Cranky.  It is also not Giraffe.  (But I think most of you already knew that)

So, I will do my best to talk about my name without actually telling you my name.  For those very few of you who do know my name… Hush Hush.  This should be fun!

  1. My name starts with a G.  If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you probably already knew that.
  2. I have never met another person in real life who has the same name as me.
  3. Despite sounding exactly how it is spelled, most people mispronounce my name on their first try.
  4. I used to hate my name when I was a kid because I could never get a pencil or a keychain with my name on it.
  5. Now that I’m older, I love my name.  I think it looks pretty when it is written, I think it sounds pretty, and I love that it is not common. (Although, I do still hate having to correct people and spell it out all the time).
  6. If I lived in Italy, my name would actually be super common.  And, yes, my family is Italian…
  7. Versions of my name exist in almost all languages, except maybe Arabic and Asian languages.  But, Welsch, German, Italian, Spanish, English, French… there is a version of my name.
  8. The English version of my name is actually super common in Canadian/American women of my age… and that leads to the story of how I got my name (see #9).
  9. Up until the day I was born, the girl name for me was that mentioned in #8.  Suddenly my mom decided, while she was in labour, that she didn’t want me to have the same name as 50 other girls my age, so she looked up different versions of the name and chose this name.
  10. And, because I can’t end at #9: I used to have various nicknames as a teenager, but now that I am older, I don’t like nicknames.  I always go by my full name, unless someone has known me from my childhood years – then they just call me what they always have called me.

13 thoughts on “Would a Rose, By Any Other Name…

    1. If there is a correct guess somewhere in the comments, maybe I will confirm… I’ll have to think about it


  1. I’m trying to guess here, but you can’t give us the answer, so I’m wondering why I’m wasting my time! Still, you’ve sucked me in, so I’ll guess Guendolina (and, yes, I did have to look at some Italian names to come up with that one).


  2. Now you have me guessing as well. My grandmother’s name was Giuseppina (they’re Italian too, obvy), but I don’t think that’s your name. My name in Italian would start with a G as well, but in English it starts with a J.

    Since you said it’s quite common in English, I’m thinking along the lines of maybe Genovieve or Ginevra, or Giacomina. Or maybe Giovanna. Although to me they’re easy to pronounce, but maybe that’s because I grew up hearing names like that.


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