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A Giraffe Kind of Day

6:00am – Alarm clock rings.  Turn it off knowing that I won’t need it anymore because I can hear the baby awake in the other room.

6:15am – Both baby and my bladder force me out of bed (and the fact that I have to leave in an hour).

6:30am – Shower is interrupted by a cranky 3-year-old who wants to join me in the shower yet refuses to take his pyjamas off and pee in the potty.  This is the beginning of a crying episode that lasts about 40 min and includes multiple trips to his bedroom to “calm down.”

7:00am – Pick up my phone to put it in my pocket and glance at new emails.  An email telling me that I have been selected as the Medical Student representative on our national O&G resident committee… Desired, yet kind of unexpected.  I showed it to my husband and we shared in the excitement while our 3-year-old continued his crying session from his bedroom.

7:20am – Leave the house (and the crying child behind… who was finally settling down enough to eat breakfast).

7:45am – Arrive at the lecture theatre 15 min early because of a “mandatory meeting.”  The meeting coordinator was 10 min late.  Eat my breakfast: Greek yogurt with frozen berries and Kashi Go-Lean Crunch cereal on top.

8:10am – First of three lectures starts.  Pediatric Imaging.  5 minutes of concerted effort to pay attention, then – check blogsphere, update facebook with news of my new position, chat online, send a few texts – all the while, still half paying attention (I am pretty confident that I can at least pick out a thymus on a pediatric chest film).

9:00am – Grande Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte.  Continuation of lecture series: Recognizing and reporting child abuse (way too much for this early in the morning).  Then, intrauterine grown restriction – good, interesting, I can pay attention to that (and I did).

11:00am – Quickly stop in my office to assemble an anonymous gift for a friend (I’ve been leaving them secret anonymous gifts for a few years now… still getting away with it).

11:30am – Drop off gift in undisclosed location where I know they will find it.  Run into department head who wants to talk to me about a whole bunch of stuff, all while I’m supposed to be walking over to meet my husband for lunch.

12:00pm – Finally get to lunch locale.  Eat delicious lunch with my husband, including two desserts (it was a buffet).

12:45pm – Arrive at my car to start the annoying drive across the city to get to the clinic I’m working at.  I already know I will be late.  I have to start thinking of my excuse…

12:54pm – Look in the rearview mirror at a red light and notice a huge, black, terminal hair growing out of my chin.  WTF!?! Where did that come from? Try to pull it out… OUCH!  No Luck.  Now I’m self-conscious about it.

1:05pm – At the clinic.  Made pretty good time.  Get into the attending physician’s office and he’s not even really aware that I was late.  Good.

1:15pm – See my first patient of the afternoon: Anxiety.  Great, right up my alley!

2:00pm – Another patient: a collection of complaints and never an acceptable solution.  A reminder of what I don’t like about family medicine.

3:00pm – See last patient (yes, 3 patients all afternoon – slightly boring if you ask me).  At least I had time to gossip with the other residents at the clinic today.

4:00pm – Get to go home early, but first must pick up the kids.  That means playing kids songs in the car, which I already have stuck in my head all day anyway (There’s a flea on the wing of the fly on the frog on the bump on the log in the hole in the bottom of the sea…)

5:30pm – Peanut butter and honey sandwiches, frozen veggies, and strawberries for dinner because I’m too lazy to make a real dinner (I was pretty drained from seeing all those 3 patients!)

6:00pm – Family walk to Wal-Mart to buy soymilk and bubbles.  3-year-old wants to ride his new glider bike – fine by me!  My reward for such a long walk (~3K round trip): Ice cream cone from McDonalds!

7:45pm – Quick bath and into bed for the boys.  Baby decides he’s in the mood to nurse tonight.  My poor, partially weaned, neglected and engorged breasts get some relief and I get to enjoy at least one more breastfeeding session with my little boy.

8:30pm – Water the plants outside, install my new planters on the veranda, get garbage ready for garbage day, unload/load dishwasher… Oh, and pluck that horrible, evil, no good hair from my chin!

9:15pm – Finally sit down and have the (newly instated) nightly talk with my husband.  This is all in an effort to ensure better communication.  We sure had a lot to talk about tonight and it was good to have that time with each other!

10:00 – Made the decision to blog.

So maybe not the best, most exciting day for me to share, but a day in the life of this Giraffe, nonetheless.



5 thoughts on “A Giraffe Kind of Day

  1. You put me to shame… I often feel a tad guilty about my leisurely life, but then I remind myself of the years of working nights and days with birthing women, raising four children, taking care of house and home, and maintaining friends. It was hectic, but they were good days, too. I just wish I hadn’t been so torn between trying to be the perfect mum AND the perfect midwife/nurse.
    Love that your treasure the possible last breastfeed with the self-weaning babe. 🙂


    1. It sounds like you earned the leisurely life you live! I’m beginning to learn that the only way to be the perfect mom and doctor is to embrace both the best way you can and accept the shortcomings, knowing that they probably aren’t actually shortcomings in the grand scheme of things!


  2. Ironically it’s these days that you’ll look back at and remember fondly more than the days that actually had something major happening in them.

    And congratulations on the Medical Student representative appointment, it’s still a good thing even though it’s unexpected, right?


    1. Thanks! Yes, it is still a good thing, I did apply for the position but I didn’t actually think I’d get it. It was a nice surprise!


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