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No Words

“Are you expecting anything for Mother’s Day tomorrow?”

What do I say to that?

“No, there’s no need to celebrate such a silly, made-up day.”


“No, because I know you didn’t get/plan anything for me anyway and we’re just going to fight about it.”


“No, because you never get me anything for Mother’s Day, or my birthday, or our anniversary for that matter, so why would this be any different?”


“It sure would have been nice for you to not even have to ask that question. I like to think I work hard to be a good mom despite my other commitments. What’s wrong with hoping for a little recognition on the one day that is meant for it?”

I just went with a simple “No.”

12 thoughts on “No Words

  1. Good choice. No arguments to be had with just a simple no. Sorry your husband lacks in the holiday/anniversary department.


    1. Thanks, Babe! I wish I could get used to his lack of celebration, but I think I want him to start celebrating about as much as he wishes I would stop caring about these “silly” occasions.


  2. I hope you have a Happy Mother’s Day anyway. My mother died before I became a mother, and I always resented mother’s day. It just turned into extra work for me as my husband expected me to buy his mother a present, but he never felt obliged to acknowledge the mother of his children because I wasn’t his mother.
    I think you should have gone with your last option. Unfortunately, men are the worst mind-readers and they need to be told what we need. Do you make a fuss of him on father’s day? If you do, I’d add that to the argument next year. Good luck.


  3. It’s funny, because he hates when I make a big deal about any of his holidays, but I do anyway! (and, partly I do it because I want him to realize that I want him to reciprocate)


  4. That’s a shame. Maybe it’s a difference in each other you both have to accept, in which case, you could try not making a fuss for him (he may decide he does like it if he doesn’t get it!), but arrange to make a fuss for yourself. Buy yourself a present, arrange to eat out at your favorite restaurant, or do something you really like doing. Spoil yourself! You deserve it.


  5. My husband went out of town for work this morning, then my 3 year old choked on a piece of candy, and I had to call 911… Wonderful Mother’s Day. BUT, I love my kiddo… and he told me thank you for saving his life 🙂


  6. I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day yesterday – and everyday – some ‘guys’ do not get the concept of Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or Valentine’s Day. They just do not and I cannot understand why, unless it is something they were raised not thinking much about.



  7. Hope you had a great Mothers Day regardless. Men can be so clueless sometimes about these things. I guess they operate with the mindset that since they don’t care about these holidays, nobody else does. Although you handled it very admirably, my husband would probably have gotten the silent then the cranky then the pissed off treatment for days. 🙂


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