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You know when you really have to go to washroom, lets say, on a car ride, or while you’re in a line up, or during a lecture, and the closer you get to being in the washroom, the harder it gets to hold it in? Well in medicine, there’s a name for that: “key in the door syndrome.” It comes from the idea (or common incident) where people with urge incontinence are most likely to lose control of their bladder when they are right outside the washroom – like when they are unlocking the door to the house (and of course, the key gets jammed).

I just think it’s kind of a funny concept. Why does our mind have so much control over us? It’s not like the proximity to the washroom has any real or direct relationship to the fullness of our bladder/bowel or the strength of our sphincter. Regardless of how little sense it makes, the concept was proven valid this morning, when the clock hit 10:00am and my lecture was supposed to be over, my body was overly insistent that I leave for the washroom right then.. So I did… And I started a trend… I guess my bladder wasn’t the only impatient one in the lecture hall.

5 thoughts on “Interesting Fact

  1. I was on a small commuter jet flying for Wisconsin to Chicago and I needed to pee, no big deal. The pilot said we were about 10 minutes out and when he said that the urge to go became a little more pressing. Then a few minutes later he announced that we had been put in a holding patter to allow some larger Jets to clear and we were there for 30 minutes. It was all I could do not to hold it in. When the plane landed I skipped picking up my carry on from under the plane and ran to the restroom and thought I was going to explode until I was able to go. Then I went back and got my stuff. But I now that if he pilot had never made an announcement I could have gone 4 more hours but once the urge started it sucked!


  2. Yep. I know what this is like. Your post reminds me of my son, who is in the midst of studying for his AP psych test. He keeps educating me in all this funky mind/body phenomena. 😉 it is cool.


  3. I read this as I was waiting for Adam to finish swimming, and it made me suddenly realise that I had to go – now! I was fine until this post but just the thought of it pushed my bladder into action :D.


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