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Celebrating E!

Tonight I am baking chocolate cupcakes.  Last year on this night I was tucking A. into bed and thinking that it would be the last night that I’d be a mommy of one.  Well, sadly, my induction phone call was not received the next morning so I spent March 20 last year mumbling and grumbling that I had to be pregnant for one more day!  March 20 this year will be spent icing my cupcakes and enjoying the last day my baby boy is really a “baby.”

I really cannot believe that E. will be one this week!  So much has happened in the short year that he’s been around.  I can’t even imagine anymore what my life was like with only A. around, and while life has been crazy with two kids, I don’t regret ever having this little boy.  E. is a perfect complement to his big brother (although you wouldn’t know it this week).  He is relaxed and laid back, he gets very excited and has an amazingly infectious smile and laugh.  He really takes his time to concentrate on tasks and he eats everything you put in front of him!  Don’t get me wrong, A. is a wonderful kid in his own way, but he challenges me so much every day.  E., he’s just along for the ride most of the time.

E’s birthday also reminds me of how much I have changed and everything that I’ve accomplished in the past year.  At this time last year I weighed ~70 lbs more than I do now (yes, I was still pregnant but I don’t care).  At this time last year, K was only my obstetrician and I only admired her as a mentor from afar; I actually got up the courage to talk to her about it and establish a more functional mentoring relationship.  I have completed another year of medical school and am THAT much closer to being a doctor…  The list goes on.  I can truly say that this year has been an amazing and fantastic year in so many ways… The most important of which is the way in which E. has enriched my life!

In celebration of my little monkey’s birthday, we are having a small party for him this weekend.  I am making him a monkey themed party, complete with a monkey cake.  I dont have quite enough time to make monkey cupcakes for daycare and work, so I am just making animal cupcakes using embellishments I bought from the store.  I’m hoping I’m not too exhausted to decorate the cupcakes after a day of working hard tomorrow!  I will hopefully post some pictures of my baking projects once they are completed!

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