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Perspective and The Rabbit

Or is it a Duck?


One of A’s favorite bedtime stories is called “Duck! Rabbit!”  It’s a really clever book all about perspective.  The whole story is told through a dialogue between two unknown people (outside the border of the pages) who are arguing about whether the animal they see is a duck or a rabbit.  The animal ends up running away and the two people wonder how they are ever going to solve the problem.  Finally, they each concede that maybe the animal did look like what the other person thought.

A. is quite certain it is a duck.  I’m not sure if he’s too young to see the illusion, or if he just likes to “tease” us.  Either way, DH and I both say it is a rabbit and it gets a great reaction out of A.  Regardless of whether A. “gets it” or not, we have a great time reading this book.

I like his book because it reminds me about the importance of perspective.  Not just the concept os perspective, but the reality that there are many different perspectives and they are (usually) all valid and justified.  This is a point that I need to force myself to remember and respect, especially before I finish my medial education.  My way, my idea, my decisions… they are not the only right answer and I have to be okay with that.  And, better than that, I have to understand that the other perspective is just as probable and believable as mine: I just have to switch my gaze a little.

Isn’t it funny how a book meant for kids can really teach an adult a good, hearty lesson in life?   It seems like this happens to me a lot…

2 thoughts on “Perspective and The Rabbit

  1. Love this. It is something we all need to be constantly reminded of. Most people,including myself, judge someone else from time to time, and judgment is just another way of making ourselves feel better. Even the word ‘tolerance’ suggests that the ‘tolerator’ is better than the other. Perhaps ‘accept’ is the magic word the world needs.


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