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Home is where the mountains are


This is the view that I grew up seeing everyday. I know in my head that I miss the mountains now that I don’t live near them anymore. Quite literally, I miss camping in the mountains, I miss the lakes and the hikes and the freshness. But being back home and seeing them everyday is extremely relaxing an grounding. I am beginning to realize that there is something about being home that speaks to a deep, core part of my being. Every time I see this view (usually while I’m driving), I feel the mountains calling me, telling me that I should be coming back here for good. In much the same way that people who grow up next to the ocean never want to go far, I feel like I am never meant to be too far from the mountains.

As I prepare to fly home tonight, I am sad that I won’t see this view for months more to come. I am sad that in these past two weeks I didn’t have an opportunity to drive the short way out to the mountains to reunite with them. Maybe next time. Maybe I’ll be back here for good one day.

One thought on “Home is where the mountains are

  1. I feel the same way when I come within viewing distance of the hills where my Scottish family live. They call to you when you have such good memories associated with them. One day 🙂 xox


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