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Patients as Teachers

I came across a very interesting blog written by another Canadian medical student (no, I don’t know this person…) and their most recent post is about learning from patients.  Reading this person’s entry (read it here), especially on the heels of my experience from the other day, was a quick reminder that patients are our best and most important teachers.  As outlined in this person’s blog, we as medical students (and even practicing physicians) make it our job to learn about medicine so that we can provide the best care to patients.  However, it is the patient who teaches us about life and humanity.

And when it comes down to it, what is the point in practicing medicine if we don’t understand or appreciate the value of life?

2 thoughts on “Patients as Teachers

  1. That’s such a lovely story, thanks for sharing. 🙂

    And you know, it’s such a pet peeve when doctors think they know more than you do. :p It’s like, hello! I’ve been living with this my whole life, when you act like you know more than I do, or treat me like an idiot, I’m not going to be happy! Patients, at times, know more about what’s going on than any medical professional ever will!

    Just saying. 😉

    And the last line… please teach other professionals that! I’m tired of money-hungry doctors that couldn’t care less if you were dead or alive!


  2. I always appreciate it when a doctor realises that they can learn from what I have to say not just dismiss it out of hand. I always look for a GP that’s willing to learn from my experiences of MS and mental health issues among other things. Any doctor who treats a patient as if they are an idiot that they can’t learn from will always get short shrift from me! Usually being left after I’ve told them that I’ve forgotten more about the nervous system than they ever learnt at University 😉 lol xox


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