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Oscar’s Playground

I’m kind of watching the Oscars with my mom… while I let hair dye work in my hair and catch up on my “correspondance” (ie. blog).  I’d say that 7-10 years ago I cared way more about the Oscars (and the whole Hollywood scene) much more than I do now.  I’m not sure what changed for me; maybe it was my husband’s influence,  maybe it was my own changing perspectives, maybe it’s because I have become so busy that I have no time to watch TV, let alone go out to movies!

I used to make a point of watching every movie that was nominated for best picture.  This time, however, I’ve only seen Life of Pi, which I saw out of sheer interest.  As I sit here kind of watching and listening to all of my mom’s comments about the dresses and the make-up and the embarrassing moments… I am wondering why we (collectively, as a society) care so much about this single night.  I mean, some people spend all day gearing up for the event, and they watch the Oscars, and the pre-Oscar show, and the pre-pre-Oscar show (if that exists).  I mean to offence to you if you are one of those people.  However, I just wonder why it matters so much.

I feel like it is all just such a poor use of money!  Maybe that feeling comes from my exposure to disparity through my medical education.  All these movie stars who make millions of dollars a year are given more than their fair share of *free* dresses to choose from just for the publicity.  And I’m sure millions of dollars are spent just on security and staff for lighting/sounds/effects etc. for an award show that only encourages people to spend more money on going to the theatre and watching more movies.  Anyway, that’s just my little rant.

I feel like things could really be different in this world if we all changed our priorities just a little…

2 thoughts on “Oscar’s Playground

  1. I agree with you on this, and I feel the same way about the money spent on major sporting events, but I feel a little guilty about it. I’m sure many people are passionate about these things and they get much enjoyment from them, which makes them a positive, but it would be nice to see the money spread more evenly throughout society, especially for things like education and health care.


    1. Completely agree. Entertainment is important, but is it more important than basic needs? Health care? Education? I don’t think so.


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