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Punny But True

One of my Favorite Medical Comics
One of my Favorite Medical Comics

I saw this for the first time when I was in my first year of med school.  I thought it was funny then; but now, I am beginning to gain a real appreciation for it’s true humor.  I feel like the caricature of the Ob-Gyn describes my attitude quite accurately, even outside the field of medicine (remember my personal feeling that I don’t show enough empathy, even outside of medicine?).  I guess maybe that explains why my last few weeks in psychiatry didn’t go so well and led me down a pathway of anxiety… Just imagine putting the stereotypical caricatures of a psychiatrist and and Ob-Gyn from this cartoon in a room together and expect them to get anything meaningful done.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone has a great contribution to the field of medicine.  It’s just a good thing that there are so many different roads to go down in this wonderful field of work!  There is something for everyone!

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