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The Valentine’s day that was…

DH is one of those guys who doesn’t “believe” in valentines day.  To be more precise, he doesn’t really believe in celebrating anything… birthday, anniversaries, New Year’s Eve, special events (okay, maybe we’ve celebrated a few special events…).  But in the past, he’s never been one to make a big deal out of anything.  I’m usually the one planning our dates and our anniversary celebrations, and I always find myself feeling a tinge of envy when I comment of a friend’s beautiful pendant necklace or small diamond ring and they reply with, “oh, my husband gave that to me the day our baby was born.”

Ya, that isn’t, and never will be, my husband.

It makes me a little sad, but I have slowly been coming to terms with it.  So today I wasn’t really expecting anything.  I gave DH some chocolates this morning and apologized for not being better prepared for Valentine’s day.  He gave his usual response of a shrug and a sheepish frown and an “I’m sorry I have nothing for you” look. At this point I resist the urge to remind him that Valentines day, and our anniversary and my birthday for that matter, don’t just pop up on the calendar unannounced.  Same day.  Every Year.  Anyway, despite my progress at coming to terms with the reality of my husband, I still kind of hoped that maybe he might have planned something small (or at least got me a card) to show that he realized that this day exists and that it’s important to me.

Of course, there was nothing.  He picked me up as per usual.  We picked up the boys, as per usual.  We had the usual discussion on the drive home about what we were going to have for dinner.  We walked in the door to the same flurry of the evening with two small kids.  I then proceeded to head up to our bedroom to change out of my dress clothes and into my sweats.  And I was caught off guard to find this:

Valentine's Day

I stopped dead in my tracks.  It might not seem like much to some of you, but it was amazing for me!  I mean, he even made the bed!  But in all seriousness, I couldn’t believe what was in front of me!  I haven’t been this surprised since the night he proposed to me, which, ironically was also on a Valentine’s day (he chose to propose on Valentine’s day because he knew I wouldn’t be expecting it… since he hates Valentine’s day and he also hates cliches).  In addition to this little surprise, I was also served my favorite dessert after the kids were in bed: Angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries.

Two Happy Boys!Overall, it was a fantastic day; especially when you consider that it started with me writing an NBME exam.  I started the day already disappointed that Valentine’s day would go unnoticed in my life, then I felt extremely horrible about my performance on my exam.  However, it ended with a wonderful surprise that I would have never anticipated in a million years.  Then I got to eat delicious Belgium chocolates while DH and I watched our adorable boys go absolutely crazy over playing with a giant stuffed dog that is 3x their size!

13 thoughts on “The Valentine’s day that was…

  1. Awwww that was so sweet of him! I don’t do Valentines day just like him but he must have known how much of a boost you needed and that this would do it! Good on ya Mr Giraffe 🙂


  2. My DH isn’t quite that bad but close. I was excited that he remembered to order flowers for me (which he hasn’t done in a couple of years). That was definitely a beautiful gesture on your DH’s part and it looks like your boys loved it as well!


  3. Too cute! I love that he surprised you by proposing on a day when everyone else proposes. How originally unoriginal. Or is it unoriginally original? Either way, I approve. And I approve of the gift too. 😀


    1. Thanks. I approve of it as well. Although, I sometimes feel like it is rather unoriginal to tell people that we got engaged on Valentine’s Day and I ALWAYS have to qualify it with the reason why!


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