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Heidelberg is a city in south-west Germany.  I’ve never been there, but I’m sure it’s beautiful (as most old European cities are).  Heidelberg is also what my husband calls one of my very best friends.

I met Heidelberg almost 2 years ago; we worked together after a brief introduction by a mutual friend and we “hit it off.”  Heidelberg just “got” me.  I just “got” her.  We grounded each other very well and we weren’t (aren’t) afraid to be brutally honest with each other.  She was (is) my sounding board, and I was (am) hers.  Sadly, Heidelberg moved away for her job.  She now lives more than 2000 km away from me and it makes me very sad.

We try to keep in touch via text and skype, but its not always easy… We’re both very busy, we get bogged down with our lives, and we go stretches without talking.  For the year or so that Heidelberg and I were friends and living in the same city, I felt so wonderful; I had a good, close friend with whom I could do fun girlfriend things.  But now it’s not the same.

I miss Heidelberg dearly as a friend and as a confidant, and as the person whom I can rely on to help me through the difficult times.  I can talk to her about the things that I just can’t talk to DH about, and the things that I don’t want to talk to other people about, and I know she will never, ever judge me.  So we text, and we share, and we support each other the best we can, and I know she’s still there for me.  This is the first really difficult time I’ve gone through since Heidelberg has moved away.  I think that’s why I am blogging about her tonight.  We’ve been texting back and forth about som of my issues (and some of hers too), and hopefully we can find a good time to skype very soon.

I don’t know what the future holds for me or for Heidelberg and I’m not sure if we will ever live in the same city ever again… we may never even see each other in person ever again.  But I miss Heidelberg and I love Heidelberg and I hope we will be friends for a long long time to come.  And, I hope she doesn’t resent the fact that I call her Heidelberg…

8 thoughts on “Heidelberg

  1. What a sweet, but heart-wrenching post! I know how it feels to have your best friend soul mate in another state. It sucks. I hope you and Heidelberg stay close and the distance doesn’t take a toll on your friendship!


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