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Tipsy Tipsy

Tonight I went out for cheesecake and wine.  I left an $11 tip on an $18 bill.  Clearly wine and math do not mix well in my head.

Here was my logic: I wanted to leave a $4 tip, So I took out two toonies.  There was my $4.  I thought I had a $20 bill in my wallet (and I have no idea how $20 + $4 = $22, but I guess it made sense at the time) but I could only find a $50.  My dessert partner left $25, so I thought that if I put my $50 down and took her $25, then it would be fair (??? WTF).  But then I still left my $4.  So, I tipped $4 on $25 that I left for an $18 bill.  Seriously.

Clearly I drank too much wine.  In fact, I know I did.  And considering that I haven’t had wine in a long time, I’m down quite a bit of weight, and I hardly ate dinner (since I knew I was going out for dessert), too much wine was metabolized much too quickly.

I am so angry.  I hate wasting money.

I’m also kind of ashamed that I drove home afterwards (I opted for the less busy, side roads, however).

I will force myself to believe that the waitress could really use that $7 more than I could.  I guess it just means no Starbucks coffee this week.  Karnma, right… what goes around comes around?  Maybe one day soon, something small but wonderful will happen for me!

In the meantime, I’ll just have to concentrate on the fun night out that I had!


7 thoughts on “Tipsy Tipsy

  1. Ahw sounds like a fun night! I’m a disaster when I am tipsy but once in a while it’s nice to let go.

    It’s not a waste of money. You had a fun night and unknowingly gave a soul out there a little extra. I’m sure it made your servers night a little nicer too. 🙂


    1. Retrospectively, it’s really no big deal! At least I’ll be “that person who left the crazy tip” in that server’s head!


  2. I did that once too, I left something like a 40% tip because I was getting my numbers confused. When I realized it I thought, “Eh, they were nice and maybe they can use it more than I’ll miss it.” I like to think it’s good karma somehow. And at least you enjoyed your evening!


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