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Dear Babe

Babe, where did you go?  I’m worried about you dearly.  Are you okay?

Blogging is difficult because even though you don’t physically know people, you know them.

All you blogging regulars are my friends and I think about you all the time.  Gluten, celiac disease, allergies, upcoming weddings, roses, toenails in the grass, new friends in my hometown, bipolar diporder, Florida, clowns, animal (squirrel) lovers, college instructors with cute little kids, daily work-out plans, thoracic outlet, suburban New Jersey, cheerios…   These thoughts are part of my day, every day, even when I’m not blogging.  I want to share my life with you all and I miss you when I don’t “see” you for a while.  What you write and what you share is important to me!

I worry when people are missing.  I know life happens and it is scary to be out of control.  I worry when I have no power.

I hope you’re okay, Babe.  I wish my computer could teleport me to you right now.

Love, A Worried Giraffe

5 thoughts on “Dear Babe

  1. Aw, I’m on here! 🙂 I don’t know what I’d do without your daily posts. I really tried to post every day last week- you’re so disciplined! Makes me more determined to keep posting…


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