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Wonderful Surprise

Today I was pleasantly surprised to receive a “late Christmas gift” from K.  It was serendipitous really:  I was stopping by to ask her if she could write a letter for recommendation for me and she said she’s been meaning to text me all day because she had something to give me.  She presented me with a small package that had some small trinket toys for the boys, some home-made cookies, and two books.

As you can probably imagine, I was so unbelievably taken aback and shocked!  She told me that she always appreciates my thoughtfulness and she feels bad that her gift is 6 weeks late.  I told her that she didn’t need to get me a gift… She also said that I deserve treats every once in a while, and she suspects that no one leaves me treats.  And OMG, the cookies were so good!!!

I have so much to do right now, but all I want to do is read these books; I know I will love them!

“Dear G – Because I think we are both the type of person… and physician who are constantly striving to be better – Enjoy! K.”
“Dear G – I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. K.”

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