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Sometimes you just need dessert

Never has this statement been as true as it is tonight…

I’ve been craving a really good dessert for at least a week now.  I’ve given in a few times in the last little while: a cookie with lunch, chocolate mouse at a luncheon, a donut at morning rounds, a piece of cake at a dinner party the other night.  Unfortunately, none of these have been the “exact dessert” that I’ve been needing.  I really think it’s mostly a mental thing: Every time I’ve indulged recently, I’ve felt a little bit guilty for breaking my new “healthy eating in moderation” (ahem, diet) plan.

I joined weight watchers in July and my goal was to get to my pre-pregnancy weight (about 20 pounds).  I got there by October.  So then I thought, why not get to the upper limit of my healthy BMI range (about another 15 pounds).  I got there by December.  I was going to switch to maintenance at about that point, but then I thought: “Im still breast feeding, I haven’t used up my prepaid membership yet, and I could stand to lose a little more.”  So I let loose a little bit, but still tried to adhere to making healthier choices and refraining for indulging too much.  And since then, another 12ish pounds are gone (although, I’m sure stress has played its fair share in this).  If you’re kind of good at math, you’ll see that I’m almost at the 50 pound mark; and while this was never my original goal, it would sure feel nice to be able to say, “I’ve lost 50 pounds!”

In all this time there has only been 2 weigh-in days where I have not lost any weight: just after thanksgiving and today.  I’m okay with that.  However, when the scale doesn’t go down, I know I’m walking the tight rope and I need to be more cautious.  That being said, I still have this ridiculous craving for a good dessert and part of me feels that it needs to be guilt free.  So tonight, I’m doing it.  I sent DH out to buy me my favorite non-cheesecake dessert: McCain Deep’N Delicious (cheesecake is my ultimate indulgence, but it has to be the really good stuff otherwise it’s just wasted calories…).  When it arrives, I will sit down with a spoon and eat it right from the pan… and I will enjoy it… and I won’t care… And tomorrow, I’ll get back on the wagon, hopefully without the constant urge to shove something sugar and chocolate laden into my mouth.  But I’ll worry about that tomorrow.

Tonight I will have my dessert.

11 thoughts on “Sometimes you just need dessert

    1. Hahah! I laughed so hard that cake almost came flying out of my mouth… The only exercise I’ve seen lately is the insane walking between the hospital and the psychiatric units, as well as my vow to stop using the elevator (my office is on the 4th floor).


  1. I’ve read if you have a small dessert after meals you will have less slips. I have a sweet tooth too but I find it’s less strong after I cut out pop and cut down my sugar intake. But if you planned a dessert after meals that could help. I do fruit, yogurt with berries, and lately I’ve been breaking off 2-3 blocks of a dark chocolate candy bar. I just suck on the chocolate until it melts instead of chewing it because it lasts longer. And it curves that sugar craving.


    1. I agree with you! I do that often. However, sometimes I just need the read deal… Full fledged, over the top indulgence. I think it’s kind of like ECT for treating depression, let it all go and everything gets reset. (I should mention I am currently in the process of eating my cake)


  2. I have been totally craving pumpkin cheesecake. I have only ever had one slice in my life at Too Jays (I don’t know if you have Too Jays where you are) and I about died and gone to heaven. Yum.


  3. Ah the pudding conundrum….so tempting yet so bad for us. You’ve done brilliantly losing all that weight so you know, what having a treat every so often isn’t going to hurt you! Hope you enjoyed your cheesecake I’d probably go for something warm and chocolatey though 😉


  4. Congrats on your weight loss! That’s really impressive. I’ve done weight watchers and know what a disappointment it can be when the scale doesn’t move. But if you’ve reached a plateau, sometimes it’s good to mix things up. So definitely have a piece of your craved dessert 🙂 and enjoy it!!


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