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My New Favorite Blog

The other day I stumbled across this most amazing blog:

Not only is it HI-LARIous, but it makes me feel better about myself… as a woman and as a mother.  I enjoyed reading her blog SO MUCH that I bought one of her books and I’ve been reading it a little each night before bed.

(And, that’s part of the reason my recent blog posts have been so short… that and the whole being sick part)

Anyhow, please pay the blog a visit… I’ve specially selected one of my favorite entries here:

10 Parts of Myself That I Don’t Recognize Post Childbirth.

I’ll let you all know what I think of the book after I finish reading it!  SO far, it’s not quite as funny as the blog, but it is written in chronological sequence, along with context, so there isn’t as much “bang” for every sentence.  Still a great read though, don’t get me wrong!

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