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Story Time


DH pulled this book off the bookshelf today and started reading it. I recommended it to him a few years ago but he just didn’t seem that interested. Today he was reading something on the Internet and suddenly stopped to ask me if we still had this book.
I haven’t read this book since my high school religious studies class. It had a profound impact on me then, but I haven’t read it since.
I don’t know what DH read on the internet today that made him want to read the book immediately; however his eagerness and sudden motivation is making me realize that it might be time to revisit this gem.
I’ll probably get more from it today then I did back then… And, I can definitely use some new perspective.

6 thoughts on “Story Time

  1. What made me laugh about this post is the fact that sometimes I’ll recommend a book/song/food/ANYTHING to my man and he will pass it up. Then he will read about it somewhere or a friend will tell him about the same dang thing and he’ll be all about it! I can’t really blame him, I do the same to him. I guess sometimes it’s just easier to take recommendations from strangers/other sources as ridiculous as it is!

    I’ll have to check out the book though, looks good!


    1. Yeah, I guess I’m guilty of it too… I think the opposite thing hapened with “Life of Pi;” DH recommended it to me and I thought it looked kind of stupid. But when I had to read it for my english class, I couldn’t put it down!

      Frankl’s book is pretty amazing… I hope you do read it!


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