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Tonight I had to go to a houseparty and I was required to bring an appetizer or dessert dish.  I am usually known for my desserts; however, I was in no mood (nor did I have the time) to bake anything for the event.  I have a baking reputation, of sorts, that requires careful preparation and consideration… I can’t just bake anything, after all!  If I was smart, I would have saved some of the chocolate peanut butter truffles that I made a few nights ago (I stole the recipe from the amazing Xed).  But, no, I’m not smart enough for that.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffles
Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffles

I texted DH when I was done clinic today and said I wanted to leave early to head to Costco sans children and attempt to find something reasonable to bring.  He said this shouldn’t be problem.  However, he lost track of time (and his cell phone, apparently) and we didn’t leave campus until even later than we normally do.  Scrap that.

Then, I remembered THE DIP.  It isn’t anything special, but it is the best dip in the world.  Not only does everyone L-O-V-E  it, but it is the easiest thing in the world to make.  If you can use a can opener (the hardest part of the “recipe,” you can make this dip.  It’s not really that special… It’s just a 5 layer bean dip.  But man is it delicious!  I actually haven’t made this dip in years, mostly because it was replaced by another amazing dip that I love to make (unfortunately that one is more expensive and takes longer).  So, it’s no surprise that it didn’t pop into my head until I was walking through the front doors of Walmart, still racking my brain about what I was going to bring to this party.

The Dip
The Dip

The 5 layers: refried beans (I like to put a smal layer of canned chilis on top of this, but I don’t actually count it as a layer), guacamole (tonight was store bought, but home-made is a wonderful touch), salsa, sour cream (must be full-fat), cheese & toppings (tomatoes, chives, black olives)

Instructions: layer in a glass bowl.  It literally takes less than 10 minutes…

Voila – an amazing, beautifully presented, tasty dish that is sure to please everyone!

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