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Bathroom Breast Pumping


This isn’t the first time I’ve had to pump milk in a bathroom. After all, I’ve spent 24 months of my life breast feeding. Pumping in the bathroom is the epitome of desperate.
Today I’m at an in-service at a different hospital. My usual pumping routine was out the window and this was the only place I could find. Luckily it was a single user bathroom. However, I was still sitting on a toilet to collect milk to feed to my baby… Gross.
It’s hard to relax and feel good about pumping milk in such a situation. I can hear all the commotion in the hallway. I worry that people can hear my pump and wonder what’s going on. Or, perhaps there’s a line up for the washroom and I’m going to get so many glares when I finally leave the washroom. Whatever. It’s either that or sore, engorged, leaky boobs for the rest of the day.
I know E. is almost 10 months old now. He doesn’t drink as much milk anymore. Maybe I should just give up the day-time pumping. I don’t know! It’s hard to let go.

6 thoughts on “Bathroom Breast Pumping

  1. Man, the things mothers have to do/worry about. You sound like an amazing mom making such sacrifices for your child! Definitely sounds a bit uncomfortable haha!


    1. Awe, thanks! It certainly was uncomfortable! Luckily, there was a “caution wet floor” folding sign in the bathroom that I laid over the toilet seat so I wasn’t directly sitting on the toilet while pumping milk.


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