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A Dental Love Affair

Visit to the Dentist
My X-rays from today and from two years ago

Today I managed to fit in a trip the the dentist.  It was kind of impromptu, in the sense that I couldn’t make the appointment that was originally scheduled for me, so I was on a cancellation list and I got a phone call this morning.  It just so happened that the time they had available fit perfectly into my ridiculously complex schedule.

For some reason, I LOVE going to the dentist.  I always have.  You might think I’m that person who’s never had “work done.”  But, I’ve had my share of fillings… nothing else, I guess.  No braces, or root canals or fancy work… However, my fondness for the dentist goes beyond a simple feeling of not disliking the dentist; I actually look forward to going!  I can’t exactly put my finger on why…

I kind of find it relaxing (?) to have someone feeling around in my mouth… massaging my gums and checking for oral cancer.  (I’m sure reading that sentence feels as strange and wrong as writing it did).  But, it’s true.  I even enjoy the feeling of the gloves along my mucosa.  (This paragraph is getting even worse).  For some reason, I feel a little release of endorphins when the hygienist is scaling my teeth with the sharp metal picks.  I really, really enjoy it (which is so weird, because the idea of being a dentist and having to work in people’s mouths all day is kind of repulsive).  I also even like the gritty stuff they use to polish my teeth!  Then I get to pick one of the many, many flavours of floride and I find the foam really cool!  And to top it all off, I get a new tooth brush and a new container of floss!  How fantastic!

It think what I like the most is the feeling of really really clean teeth.  My gums are just a little sore from being harassed, and my teeth feel so so smooth under my tongue.  Everything just feels so amazing in my mouth and the feeling lasts all day!  I want to smile more because I’m sure that my teeth look as amazing as they feel!  And then, for a week or so, I am so anal about making sure I am brushing and flossing so perfectly, just to make that amazingly clean feeling last as long as I can.  But, when the feeling finally subsides, I just end up falling back into my old habits of brushing because I “have to” and flossing if (a) I remember to, or (b) something gets stuck in my teeth.

A not-so-cranky, post dentist smile!
A not-so-cranky, post dentist smile!

Then, sadly, I have to wait a whole year for the excitement of another trip to the dentist…

Anyway, there’s an interesting (weird… freaky… disturbing) fact about your blogger friend, Cranky Giraffe.

18 thoughts on “A Dental Love Affair

    1. EEw! I once had a massage therapist who’s breath smelled like garlic. I think she ate cloves of garlic in the morning as a health measure!


    1. Me too! I’m not sure if its mors because I don’t want to get another filling or because I don’t want to be embarrassed about my lack of appropriate dental maintenance.


  1. I am so the opposite. I hate the dentist. Mostly because my irrational fear of being judged. I am a pro at brushing my teeth, asking me to floss however… yeah, bad, I know. Going to hell for not flossing. It’s OK. Hahaha


  2. Ahw this was so utterly funny! Not weird at all though..;) I always feel like a little kid at the dentist that wants a little pat on the head and afterwards I can’t stop flashing my teeth at total strangers..

    Thanks for sharing this, Made me smile!!


  3. It’s funny and a little weird. Especially the paragraph that starts with “I kind of find it relaxing (?) to have someone feeling around in my mouth…” and ends with “I feel a little release of endorphins when the hygienist is scaling my teeth with the sharp metal picks.”

    It’s a somewhat weird, disturbing but still laugh-out-loud funny. Besides we all have our quirks. If impressive oral hygiene is yours, I say ‘go girl’! 😀

    Thanks for the morning laugh, though.


  4. Wow!! I’ve never met someone who LOVES the dentist the way you do, how awesome! I’m sure it makes the day of your hygienist and dentist that you are so happy to see them. I WILL admit that I am never excited to go to the dentist but I LOVE the people who work there. After I leave I talk about them all day and my fiance makes fun of me, saying I act like they are my best friends haha. But really, they are awesome. Great post!


    1. Haha! I used to be that way at my old dentist; but I had to get a new dentist when I moved. I picked this one because she gives a student discount. She is really nice, but her hygienist leaves much to be desired in the person-ability department … At least he does his job well.


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