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Time to Blog!


It turns out that my first day of clinical orientation was done at noon. I thought it went until 5:00 but I didn’t see the rotating schedule that said our longest block was split into smaller groups, and mine went first. It’s a good thing I brought my ACLS book to read, since I have to have it mastered before I take the course this weekend. It is also a good thing I left my computer at home, otherwise I would be wasting more time than I am right now. I do, however, have my iPad – so welcome my very first iPad post!

I came up to my little office to pump milk and then get cracking on ACLS. I saw the little one-a-day calendar that I got as a gift from some school friends sitting on my desk, just waiting to be peeled back. Today’s “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” advice was to make sure I take time for myself each day. So, here I am! This is what I love to do for myself!

I have a few things I wish I could blog about right now – like the overwhelming sad feeling I got over pumping milk and realizing that the breast feeding stage with E. may be coming to an end (and it was supposed to be the end of breast feeding forever…). Or, I could blog about how I’m feeling here on my first day of clinical orientation and that I am more excited to be back than I thought. However, this little iPad keyboard has never seen so much action as it has right now and I am getting a little frustrated with it! And, it’s probably a good thing, too; because ACLS will not learn itself!

5 thoughts on “Time to Blog!

  1. I thought you had me with the sock monkey but your words completely finished me off! Good Luck with all those ventures….please, if you can, keep writing about them–I love reading them. Have a wonderful 2013<3


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