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Welcome to the New World

English: Highworth cemetery at the winter sols...
English: Highworth cemetery at the winter solstice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, it is almost midnight on December 21, 2012 and the world is still in existence.  I was not expecting anything different.  I actually had a wonderful day, especially if you consider that it was the “last day.”  I also silently laughed in my head because there are people stupid enough to believe that the world was actually going to end because some  ancient civilization (that no longer exists today) was so enlightened that they could predict an apocalypse.

Literally, the world did not end today.  However, maybe it could have ended, figuratively.  Tomorrow can be a fresh start to life.  This metaphorical apocalypse can obliterate everything that is undesirable and leave room for new growth as I move forward.  I know I have changed in many different ways and in such a short period of time and now I need to take the time to live these changes and make them a reality.

Ironically, today not only marks the end of the old world, but it is also the winter solstice – the shortest day of the year (in the northern hemisphere).  Beginning tomorrow, when I start living in my new (metaphorical) world, the days will also start to get longer – another sign that times are changing for the better – for the brighter.  I know there is a winter solstice every year, but it’s not every day that we anticipate (or laugh at others for anticipating) the end of the world.  It could just be another day, just like yesterday and just like tomorrow, but that would be boring.  All the hype should count for something, right.

Here’s to waking up tomorrow morning in a New World; A world that won’t be much different (if any) from today’s world.  Nonetheless, someone out there thought today was as good day as any to mark as the end of the world and maybe that should count for something…

…Something that gives me a reason to change my world and make it a better place for me.

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