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Mixing Business and Pleasure

AKA… Mixing Life with Blogging.

Up until today I’ve been fairly strict about keeping my real life “separate” from my blogging life (for the most part…).  Everything I blog about is REAL, but I’ve tried to keep my blog sanitized of any identifying information because I don’t want my personal opinions, experiences, and sometimes blatant honesty to come back and bite me in the ass.  This is a very real possibility given my career choice and that it’s not uncommon for patients and doctors alike to google names of other doctors or medical students.

Anyway, today I broke with tradition and met one of my blogging buddies in person.  For real.  Since I am “home” for Christmas and I knew that this blogger friend lives in my hometown (and also very, very close to where I am staying), I thought it might be nice to put a real face to the name and the blog.  It’s funny how blogging is such a small community, when it really comes down to it!  Interestingly enough, this blogger has been with me from the very beginning of my blogging career and it seems like we were drawn to each other’s blogs because we write about and think about some of the same issues.

We didn’t get to hang out for too long because I was supposed to be Christmas shopping while the boys were napping, and she had her own “kid duties” to attend to.  Regardless, I had a wonderful time getting to meet a new friend… A friend who was (until today) a stranger yet knows more about me than some of my “real-life” friends.  Kinda funny, when you think about it!

It was so wonderful to make a new friend today and I know (at least I think I know) that she was happy to meet me too!  I definitely walked away from our coffee date feeling like blogging has had yet another positive influence in my life.  While we don’t actually live in the same city, it is nice to have a new friend and another reason to look forward to coming home to visit. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Mixing Business and Pleasure

  1. I just may be a little jealous. I don’t know why your hometown couldn’t be (insert town I currently live in), FL. 😉

    No, that’s really awesome you met someone you formerly only knew by blog. 😀


      1. It would be. You’re missing out. Ha Ha! I so kid. I would love to meet you IRL, too. Maybe we will, never say never. I could end up pregnant in Canada. Oh, the possibilities. 😉


  2. That’s a really lovely story. I too hope to be able to meet up with some of those I’ve met through blogging someday 🙂



  3. I’m pretty sure she was happy :). You’re her first friend here and she’s excited it’s such an amazing person. She was just worried that you may be having second thoughts about meeting her and her crazy kid but is very glad you had fun 😛
    So excited about meeting you when you next time when you come back into town. Hopefully more than once.


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