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That’s what she said!

After a busy morning of packing for myself and three boys, we all piled into a small SUV and took the long, 6 hour car ride (or close to 8 if you include all the stopping) to come “home” for Christmas.

We stopped at McDonalds for dinner.  I broke the law and sat backwards in the front seat to feed E., just to minimize stops.  Luckily, E. fell asleep in his carseat at his usual bedtime and slept for the rest of the 3.5 hour trip.  A. stayed awake the whole time and he got to watch The Lorax on the iPad – twice.

As we got closer and closer, DH and I began remembering all the things we forgot to pack; the most important of these being earplugs.  You see, here, we are forced to share a bedroom with E. and he likes to wake up at random times in the night and cry or talk to his crib animals.  That is not conducive to this momma getting sleep.

So after arriving, unpacking, and putting the kids to bed, DH and I dragged ourselves back into the car and took our first “date” (time away without the kids) to Walmart… to buy earplugs.  We stood in the earplug isle for quite a while discussing the different types of earplugs.

“Those ones are too short, they get caught in my ear canals.”

“Well, those ones don’t have a great noise reduction rating.”

“Those orange ones, they are good, except last time I used them for ten days straight I got ulcers in my ear canals.” (true story…)

Since when did life get so boring comfortable that we have nothing better to do than discuss earplugs for 10 minutes???

We finally settled on a new type of earplug that we’ve never used before; partly because we thought we’d try something different and partly because it was a “tub” of 100 pairs of earplugs for $10.  Amazing value!  In the car, DH asked me to open the tub because he wanted to try out the new plugs.  I obliged.

DH: “Oooh, it squishes up so slender… It is sliding in so easily!  Oooh, it is expanding so quickly in my canal…”


Did I mention it’s been a long, long day?

5 thoughts on “That’s what she said!

    1. Are you referring to the ear plug conversation or the other conversation? I guess either one would make you question out sanity!


  1. I loved the last part and laughed aloud in the middle of my family. Husband asked me what was so funny. I told him it’s not kid-appropriate 😀


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