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You can’t spell CELEBRATE without W-I-N-E!

Carmen Carmenere Wine: Waiting for Tonight's Festivities to Start!
Carmen Carmenere Wine: Waiting for Tonight’s Festivities to Start!

Okay, maybe you can… But not in my world!  And in my world, today is a day worth celebrating!

Today marks the official last day of final exams, and the official last day of didactic-style learning in my Medical Education.  Is there any other reason to go out and buy your favorite bottle of wine, dress yourself up for the first time in 2 weeks, and go out and celebrate with your family, and all your classmates and their families, by eating copious amounts of Chinese food???  No, I don’t think so!

There is nothing that can ruin my excitement right now… not even the squalor that fills my house and surrounds me as I write this post.  It tried to get my spirits down when I walked into the house, but my spirits are too high!  Tomorrow…  Tomorrow I will deal with that.  Today I will celebrate and relax!  And maybe do some Christmas shopping after the boys are asleep (just because I can)… even if it is only at Walmart.

Today is the day I thought would never come: Two-and-a-half years ago when I started Med school, it seemed like an eternity away.  At the beginning of this semester, it still felt like it would take forever to get here.  And even 10 days ago, when I had my last day of classes and had to really buckle down and study… well it seemed like those 10 days would, themselves, be an eternity.  But here I am, on the other side… and it feels fantastic!

(I’ll let you know how much more fantastic it feels after I crack open that wine!)

5 thoughts on “You can’t spell CELEBRATE without W-I-N-E!

    1. In January I’ll be starting my clerkship, where I work on the wards and pretend to know what I’m doing learn how to apply everything I’ve learned thus far…


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