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Do you have a problem with that?

The other night we went out for dinner, and naturally, E. wanted to have his boobie with his dinner.  So, I took him out of the highchair, placed him into my lap, and let him latch on.  I don’t really care that I’m breastfeeding in public, but it seems like EVERYONE else does!  And, of course, no one has the balls to say anything to me about it: That would be politically incorrect.

Last weekend we were at the little restaurant in Costco and I did the same thing.  There was a table of teenage boys on one side of me.  They were starting.  Okay, fine…  There was another mother at the table on the other side of me with a baby a few months younger than E. and she was also breastfeeding.  However, she was going through the ridiculousness of covering up (described below) and was clearly stressed about the situation.  A few tables away there was an older “friendly looking” lady who was looking at me and smiling.  But, I couldn’t tell whether she was legit smiling because I was feeding my cute baby, or if she was condescendingly smiling because I wasn’t covering up my baby while he ate…

No one else in the restaurant had a blanket over their head while they ate!  And, the way some of them were shovelling food into their traps… they really should have….  As a courtesy to the rest of us.

I am a huge advocate for breastfeeding.  I breastfed A. until he was 14 months, and the only reason I stopped was because I was trying to get pregnant again and I wasn’t ovulating.  E. is currently 8 months old and he is still breastfeeding.  I have no plans to stop him from feeding as long as he’s interested (and still a “baby” … I’ll save that debate for another post).

When A. was a baby I was always very concerned about feeding him in public.  Not so much because I was worried that someone would see my breast, but more so because I saw all these other women always making a big deal about it.  So I invested in a fairly pricey nursing cover, and I always made sure I could find a “nursing room” if I was out at the mall or something.  If I didn’t have a nursing cover or a blanket with me, I would default to taking him back to the car and feeding him there.

Regardless, it was always such an ordeal!  If you’ve ever breastfed before, you know what I mean.  If you haven’t, let me give you an idea:

Blanket over the shoulder… unlatch bra… lift up shirt… blanket fall down… boob exposed… now baby’s crying.  Fix blanket… bring baby up to boob, struggle to get the latch without dropping the blanket.  Success.  Oh no… baby pulls on blanket, or blanket covers baby’s face… You literally need 4 hands to breastfeed, discreetly, in public.

Needless to say, when E. came into the picture I wasn’t as worried about being discreet.  When he was a newborn and he would spend 45 min at the boob, I would make an effort to put on the cover, or find a quiet room with a comfortable chair.  But lately, I just don’t care.  I will feed my baby, out in public, with no cover, and I won’t think twice about it.

I should clarify… I do not completely expose myself and let my breast and nipple hang out for everyone to see.  But I do discreetly lift up my shirt just high enough for my over-eager baby with his open mouth to latch (and, he’s an expert at this) and then I reposition my clothing to ensure the least amount of skin is showing.  And, lets face it, my baby’s head is WAY bigger than my boob, so there is really nothing to see.  Except, maybe (GASP) my flank!

And then I sit there and continue my conversation, or continue eating my dinner, or whatever else it is that I’m doing at that moment.  Is there anything rong with that?

9 thoughts on “Do you have a problem with that?

  1. Not a thing wrong with it! I nursed my third until he was 15 months, and I was pretty open about it, too. As you said, WE don’t cover our faces when we eat. Nor do we eat in the bathroom — so why should we feed our babies there?

    Thanks for sharing this.


  2. I do. Who do you think you are to not only produce these little humans, but feed them, too? The nerve, lady. The nerve.

    I’ve always thought breast was better unless there was a medical reason to introduce the baby to formula.


  3. I always find it odd that people don’t have problems with half naked girls gyrating suggestive in video clips and all.. but something as normal and natural as breastfeeding has them over the fence. Double standard prudishness.. Good you take a stand! Hopefully future generations can feed their children without some immature idiots trying to make you feel just as uncomfortable as they feel.


    1. I know, hey! I was going to write something about the double standar when it comes to “showing skin” in a sexual way… But the post was getting too long.


  4. Keep it up. I breastfed all my children openly, but discreetly, for years. I believe that only when all mothers are brave enough to do it publicly and without embarrassment, will it eventually be accepted by all society. It is the normal diet for our babies and our breasts are designed for breastfeeding, not sexual objects. It’s time society re-learned that leasson.


  5. I couldn’t wait for the 12 weeks to get over so that I could stop being Mother Dairy. I also didn’t mind feeding in public because it is only natural to do so – what is hard is trying not to feel embarrassed when others stare.


    1. I love feeding my baby, and don’t care if people stare. My problem is that I have to bite my tongue and not say something rude to them…


  6. I bottle fed both my children, but you know what? I see breastfeeding moms all the time, and who cares? They aren’t out on sexual display–they are using their breasts for what they are physically made for–food for infants. People can be so *dumb* about stuff like that. And really..there are a lot more worthwhile things to get all crazy about than feeding your kids the way people have been for years.

    Hurray for not being ashamed!


    1. You are absolutely right! Too many people get their panties in a knot for too many of the wrong reasons!


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